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23 Jun

There are so many poignant visuals, articles, conversations, etc. that have popped into my space of late – too many to keep up with, in fact.  Here are a couple that have really stuck with me and seem to have meaning for a lot of people like me who are searching for self-awareness and love.


Could it really be this simple?  As one of the masses, I would have read this article last year or in any of my previous 32 years and rolled my eyes at these four simple steps to happiness – exercise, eat well, meditate and do good unto others.  I can’t tell you how hard all of those things combined would have been to me while I was “Scott Sizemore” (my alter-ego who was fully invested in the dream) – no time for exercise, good food tastes bad, meditate?, and good works – what’s the point, I hate people!

I hear threads of the same excuses every day around me, or even skepticism that happiness certainly must include financial freedom, a loving relationship, things (cars, toys, assets), travel/vacations, etc.  While those things are nice, they won’t bring you closer to yourself, which is where true happiness exists.  So, go forth and love yourself (exercise), energize and nourish yourself (eat well), make peace with yourself (meditate) and share yourself with the world.  All the other “things” will fall away.

Love Like You Mean It

For me, love has long been something to reciprocate.  I would tell myself that I loved unconditionally, yet the love I offered had so many conditions – feeling loved, being shown affection, doing what I want, not being bothered….Wow!  My unconditional love was quite a gift (haha).  Giving love without worry, threat or reciprocation has been something that I’ve been working on for months now.  I’m not perfect, but it’s really great to have reminders like this to help remind and refocus me.  Thank you, fellow Cancerians Robin Williams and Gus Van Sant (ok, you too Matt).


Cancer Time

It’s Cancer time, folks.  This is so amazing!  What it means for everyone is that it’s a much more sensitive time with deeper access to feelings popping up within us all.  We probably feel like being with family and perhaps staying closer to home, or feeling more content during the time we’re at home…and we might also notice some clever attempts to avoid or distract from our feelings, if we’re not yet comfortable with our own vulnerability.

For those of us born under the sun sign Cancer, this time feels like sleeping in our own beds after having been camping in the desert for 11 months.  Personally, this is the first time I’ve ever been aware of what this time means to me specifically.  But I’ve felt a clear energetic shift within myself.  I had a “terrible” bout of sensitivity yesterday (read: I experienced – and revealed! – my vulnerability), but Cancer time has mostly resulted in me feeling blissfully open – as if I’m lounging in a pool without a care in the world.  I’m planning to embrace this time as much as I can in my life – and I’ll share it here, so stay tuned.

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